How to upload files with a long path
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Do you upload files to SingleCase, either by drag&drop or via Uploader, but it doesn't work and you get messages about long names and long paths?

The situation is caused by the fact that Windows has a maximum length limit of 250 characters for the combination of the file name and the path to get to it through the various folders and subfolders.

If you exceed 250 characters, your computer will not properly upload files to SingleCase as a result.

What about it?

1. If you are missing any documents or entire folders in the target structure, create the folders manually in SingleCase and upload the unrecorded files directly to the folders where they belong using the cloud icon. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to this solution that we cannot control, namely that Windows may truncate a long document name.

2. If you need to upload a larger/more complex structure and you have SingleCase Uploader 5.0.11 or higher, you can use 7-Zip (freeware) or Total commander to move the whole structure to SingleCase. How to do it?

Do you have 7-Zip?

Quick guide:

1. Start 7-Zip File Manager (Start -> 7-Zip -> 7-Zip File Manager)

2. Move to the source files and select them by selecting them with the

3. Press copy/move and select the destination location

4. Confirm and wait for completion

Full Instructions:

1. To launch 7-Zip File Manager, left-click on the Start icon.

2. When the Start menu opens, locate the 7-Zip folder, left-click to expand it, and click again to select 7-Zip File Manager.

3. Using the folder structure, move to the source location where the files/folders you want to copy/move to SingleCase are located. Select the files/folders to be moved by clicking the left mouse button.

Note: The button next to the path line is used to navigate to the parent folder, to select multiple folders at the same time, hold Ctrl key next to the click).

To start copying/moving, press the Copy/Move button.

Press the "..." button next to the destination field.

In the window, select the destination location and confirm by pressing OK.

4. Press OK to confirm the copy/move.

Do you have Total commander or similar?

1. Open Total Commander and find the location where you want to copy the folder in one half of the window and find the files/folders to upload in the other half.

2. In Total Commander, move the files/folders with too long a name/path combination to their destination - the appropriate subfolder in SC Uploader, i.e. where you want to eventually find them in SingleCase. A notification will pop up listing the full folder/file name including the path in the new location:

where you select the Keep All option. This will get the files/folders into the SingleCase Uploader folder and the structure will then be uploaded to SingleCase. Additionally, the file/folder names will not be changed.

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