How to report work

5 main recording methods

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SingleCase can record work in multiple ways: by inserting a timesheet, automatically generating it when an activity is completed, or using a mobile app.

1. By inserting a timesheet (+)

To insert a timesheet, use the (+) button next to your name at the top. This button is accessible as long as you are working in SingleCase.

This will take you to the Create Timesheet page. Manually select the Report/Activity by entering at least three initial letters. SingleCase will automatically find and offer you all the Cases and SubCases whose name starts with that. Select which Case you want to report the work to. Following the same principle, you can report the work through the User. You then fill in the time and description and save. The application indicates with an icon which language to use when filling in the description.

2. Inserting a timesheet via "How much I report"

If you hover your mouse over the How much I report on the Column of the day on the Main Screen, you will see a (+) button. When you click this button, you will be taken to the Work Report where you will select Project, Date already pre-populated and fill in the remaining data.

3. Inserting a timesheet via "Overview"

Open My Timesheets via "My Name"-> My Timesheets

And you can add timesheets here (see bellow).

4. Automatically suggested timesheets - via the coloured dots on the top bar

Since the system "knows" or records what Projects/Cases you are working on, it can give you smart hints. It will remind you to record work that would be a shame not to report.

If you send an email to a client, edit a document, complete a task or go to a meeting, the system will offer you a quick report on a specific Project/Case and fill in most of the data for you. Click on the Colored dot to open the prepared report and just fill in the time, activity and description and then Save.

5. A stopwatch that you control yourself

Set the stopwatch up in My profile and If you are in a Project/Case, just click on the icon to start the counter - the application will start measuring time immediately. You can pause the timer or switch between them at any time.

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