How to add a SingleCase user to an existing Case?
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Search for the case you want to add another user to. To change the assigned users, click on the Cogwheel symbol.

Then you can add users.


  1. If the user is added to Activity/Writing/Project, then the file will be moved to "My Files". And there may be other permissions associated with this - such as the ability to upload files, mail or report.

  2. Only a person who is authorized to add users (Assistants, A1, A2, P1, P2, C) can add users.

  3. An assigned user can be removed at any time.

You can also set individual users to access all cases at once.

In "My Name"->Administration -> Users, click on the briefcase icon for a specific colleague.

and set the permissions for each case.

ATTENTION! User permissions to access the Files can be added in bulk, but must be removed individually!

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