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Logical operators. How to be the most efficient when searching for a document?
Logical operators. How to be the most efficient when searching for a document?

One-minute masterclass and examples for connoisseurs. Enjoy!

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Operators can help you refine your search results if there are too many, or get to a specific document quickly.

For example, you can limit your search results to documents that contain a specific phrase, or exclude documents containing a specific word from your search results.

The table below lists all the logical search operators that are allowed:

Logical operator




contract | agreement

Returns documents containing at least one of the words contract, agreement.


agreement !purchase

Returns documents that contain contract but do not contain purchase.


"purchase agreement"

Returns documents that contain the exact phrase purchase agreement.



Returns documents that contain any ending of the search term (appendix, appendices...)*.


("purchase agreement") | ("agreement of purchase")

Returns documents that contain at least one of the phrases. Brackets are used as grouping operator.

* at least 3 letters must precede the question mark or asterisk

Examples of more complex searches:

  • subscription | issue | shares - returns all documents with at least one of the selected words;

  • contract purchase | work | transfer - returns all documents containing contract and at least one of the words purchase, work, transfer;

  • contract purchase | work | transfer* – similar to the previous one, but also returns e.g. documents containing e.g. transferable contract

  • (agreement | contract) (transaction | transfer) – returns all documents that match the combination of a word in the first bracket with a word in the second bracket (transaction agreement, transfer agreement, transaction contract, transfer contract);

  • (cat !mouse) | (cat !bear) - returns all documents where there is cat but no mouse, or where there is cat but no bear (i.e. there cannot be mouse and bear together);

  • !contract - beware, this purely negative definition (all documents that do not contain the word contract) cannot be searched independently.

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