Uploading documents. A quick overview of the basic methods

How to choose the ideal recording method for what you need

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There are 5 basic options to upload a document, a folder or an entire complex document structure to SingleCase.

  1. Drag & drop from your computer, or dragging a document to the homepage of a specific Case. It is the most popular way among users if you need to get documents from your computer to SingleCase quickly. You can choose the specific folder on the Case where you need to get them, or "drop" them directly into the overall tree stucture.

    Best for: drag & drop can handle documents and folders of several levels of folder structures. It's useful for when you have documents on your desktop, in explorer, or brought in on a flash drive. If you decide to upload hundreds of documents this way, just be warned that it will take a bit of time and we recommend considering option number 4.

  2. Over the cloud. If you are directly in Singlecase on a specific file, you can use the "Cloud" button found at the top. When you click on it, it will open a window with a selection of documents stored on your computer.

    Best for: It's good for uploading individual documents or groups of documents, but it can't handle entire folders.

  3. Via SingleCase Uploader. A folder with this name was created on your desktop when you opened the first document (if you can't find it, contact our customer support or your IT helpdesk). The folder faithfully mirrors the current structure of the Clients and Files you have in SingleCase.

    It creates an "empty drawer" on your computer for each file. Then you just drag and drop documents, folders, complex document structures into this drawer and they will go to SingleCase in the right place.

    Best for: when you want to upload documents to multiple files at the same time. If you have unstable internet that occasionally drops out.

  4. From email using drag & drop. You can drag & drop an email to the Mail file. At that point the email will be saved there with its attachments, plus its attachments will still be saved in the Documents from Mail folder that you have in each File's document storage. So you don't have to manually drag and drop attachments.

  5. From email using SingleCase sync with your Outlook. If you link Outlook and SingleCase using the instructions here, the current structure of Clients and Files will be mirrored in your Outlook. Then all you have to do is copy or move the email in Outlook to the appropriate drawer and it will go to the correct place in SingleCase.

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