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How to get started with SingleCase?
New version of the document. How to easily get it into SingleCase
New version of the document. How to easily get it into SingleCase

5 ways to get a new version of a document into SingleCase

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You have a new version of a document and need to store it securely in SingleCase.

  1. Via "Save" in Word. If you opened the document directly from SingleCase, a new version will be created if you edit the document in Word and save the changes.

  2. Via drag & drop on the document detail. If you have the new version of the document on your desktop or as an email attachment, you can drag and drop it onto the "document detail".

  3. Before drag&drop on the file name. You can also drag and drop the new version directly onto the file name in the document listing.

  4. Via "Append as new version to..." The counterparty emailed you back their revision of the document and you dragged the email into SingleCase or filed it in the appropriate drawer in your email inbox. At that point, the attachment from the email was also saved in the Documents from Case Mail folder. Just right-click on it, select the command "Append as new version to..." and select the document to which it belongs.

  5. Via "Upload new version from disk". This is another button that you can find in the context menu when you right click on the document. It will allow you to update the document by selecting the new version from the documents you have stored on your computer.

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