You don't see the uploaded documents in the "SingleCase Uploader" in SingleCase?

The "SingleCase Uploader" folder does not upload files

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You have uploaded documents to the "SingleCase Uploader" folder, but they do not appear in SingleCase even after you refresh the file page?

CAUSE: This is because the documents have been left "hanging" in the file folder and are not being uploaded.

HELP: In most cases, restarting the "SingleCase Desktop Client" will help. To restart, exit the application and turn it back on (in the Start menu).

X If the folder is not restored even after restarting the "SingleCase Desktop Client", you will need to delete the folder.

How to proceed: First, you need to remove the files you tried to upload (for example, to the desktop). Then you can delete the "SingleCase Desktop Client" folder. Once removed, simply open the random file in SingleCase again, and this will force the creation of a new "SingleCase Desktop Client" folder with the restored features.

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