Four ways to get email into SingleCase fast

How to keep client emails under control

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Briefly and clearly, how to do it:

1. Drag and drop the email into the Case Mail. It works the same way as dragging and dropping documents. The email with all attachments will immediately show up in the Case Mailbox for you (and your colleagues). At the same time, the attachments will be saved in the Documents from Case mailbox in the Cases's document repository. You do not have to manually store them.

2. Connect SingleCase to your email inbox. If you do this, drawers will automatically start to form in your email inbox for the individual Cases you have in SingleCase. Then, just move or copy the email to the appropriate drawer and it will arrive in the background in the Case Mailbox in SingleCase.

Want to get just the attachments from the email into SingleCase, but without the accompanying conversation?

3. Use SingleCase Uploader. In Outlook, left-click directly over the attachment. Then select "Save this" and open the path to the save location in the file "Desktop"->"Uploader"->"Client"->"Case".

Need to open an attachment from an email right away, start working on it, and then get it into SingleCase?

4. Open the attachment in Word as you are used to. You can save the document directly from Word to SingleCase using SingleCase Uploader. In Word, select the "Save As" command and open the path to the save location in the project/file "Desktop"->"Uploader"->"Client"->"Case"

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