How to create Proceeding?

How to create a Proceedings? What are the other options?

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The proceedings are displayed based on the type of installation that is set up for you.

This event can be specified in each Project/Case. The proceeding is assigned directly to me, to selected people, or I have the option to assign it to all users of the Project/Case.

You can create these events in SingleCase in multiple locations.

On the main screen and then directly enter the event.

Via menu "My name"->Overviews .

and then use the "CREATE PROCEEDING" button to create an event for the Proceeding

Directly in the Project/Case via the buttons "Create" -> "Proceeding", where you enter the event directly.


If you are creating an event via the main screen or overview, you need to add the Client and Project/Case. If you are adding an event via Project/Case, the Client and Project/List fields are already pre-filled.

Create Proceeding

A proceeding is a type of event where you can set the duration from-to. For Proceeding, you select the person or persons affected by the event. You can also set multiple notifications for this event. You can find more extensions under "More options".

Here you can set "Add Repetition", add "Detailed description" or "Select documents."

Finally, confirm with the "CREATE PROCEEDING" button

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