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How to create and set up custom fields?
How to create and set up custom fields?

Add custom fields for clients, contacts, projects/files, users

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Custom fields are your own fields that you can use to expand the options for recording additional information for Clients, Contacts, Projects/Cases and Users.

Custom fields can be of different types, such as text, selection, date, or for uploading files (adding attachments).

Custom fields are set in "My name" -> Administration

then go to the Custom fields tab. Custom fields are created by clicking "+Add" .

Here you fill in the "Name", and the "Subject" (Client, Contact, Project/List or User) for which the Custom field will be displayed

For "Type" you can choose from the following options

  • One line text input (free text field for single line text)

  • Multiple line text input (free field for writing multi-line text)

  • Dropdown list (option to create a custom list to populate the field)

  • Dropdown list -multiple values ( custom list fild with multiple item selection)

  • Yes|No (select Yes/No)

  • Date (date selection field)

  • File upload (field with the option to add your own files as attachments)

If you select " Subject" Project/Case, you also have the option to select the "Allowed Project/Case Types" for which this field will be displayed. If you don't select it, it will be displayed for all "Projects/Cases"

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