How to send the document?
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There are several options to send a document or documents from Singlecase or using a mail client.

1. Send document directly

You can send a document by a command from the menu under the right mouse button directly in "Project/case documents". Here you can choose how to send, either via SingleCase via the "Send" option or via Outlook via the "Send via Outlook" option.

In case you choose the "Send" option , you work with the message as a standard email, adding what is needed. You can add additional documents to the attachments either from the current project/case or by selecting "Select other files" from other projects/cases. Then you can directly click the "SEND" button.

The next option is the "SEND VIA" button , here you can choose the option "Send via Outlook" or "Send via Datovka", In these cases you will open the corresponding application where you proceed further.


If you want to send multiple documents from a single case, you can select these documents successively with the mouse and hold down the "ctrl" key for WIN or "cmd" key for IOS. Once selected, left-click and you will again be presented with a menu with the options "Send" or "Send via Outlook".

2. Direct send from Outlook or other email client with document attachment

If you are sending a message in Outlook or another email client and you want to attach a document or documents from SingleCase, select "Download" from the menu above. Here again, you can use the selection and "ctrl" or "cmd" buttons depending on your operating system to select multiple documents.

Downloading a single document or multiple documents is the same as from any website.

In the case of one document, it will appear at the bottom of the browser. Select and drag it into the mail client window.

In the case of multiple documents, a window with the downloaded files will appear at the end. Simply select these and drag and drop them into the message window in Outlook or another mail client.

3. Sending a link selection to a file

If you are emailing a colleague who has access to Singlecase, you can use the option to send a link to the relevant document. Open the file menu by left-clicking on the file and selecting "Copy Link". Then just paste the link into the appropriate location using "ctrl+V" or "cmd+V" depending on your operating system.

4. Sending an email using the "Case Mail" option

If you have an email in "Case Mail" already,

can be answered with the REPLY or REPLY ALL buttons.

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