How to add a Client, Case?
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Here you will find the basic process of how to enter a new Client or Case. But beware! Firstly, you must have the appropriate permissions enabled and you must be aware that in your company the workflow for setting up a Client or Case can be much more complicated than we show here.

Adding a new Case

To add a new Case, click on the (+) icon next to My Cases. If you do not see the (+) icon, it means that you do not have the appropriate permissions to create new Cases.

Another option is to go to the Cases page via the menu. "My Name" -> Overviews -> Cases.

Here you can add a new Case.

In the first step, fill in the information about the Case, its name, you can also search for an existing client in the field or add a new client and fill in other data. After that, you select the billing information.

In the second step, you specify the responsible manager/lawyer and other users who will work on the Case.

In step three, you can select a Case template that you already have preconfigured, which ensures that the predefined folders are created directly when you create the Case.

Templates can be set on the page "My name"->Settings -> Cases.

Adding a new Client

You can enter a new client when creating a project/file by clicking on the "Add Client" button or from the "My Name"->Overviews -> Clients page.

Next, fill in the Client's details (e.g. billing details). In the Originator field, you can enter the user who brought the Client to the office/company.

The next step is to set the default rate you want to charge the client. You select the Billing Type, then other billing details, such as the hourly rate, according to your choice.

You can add multiple Cases to each client.

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