How to set up access to Cases for SingleCase users?
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In SingleCase there are multiple options to set or restrict other SingleCase users access to individual Cases.

The most basic of the options is directly when creating a new Cases, where in the second step you assign a user to a Cases (see image below). Note that users must first log in at least once before you can add them to a Case.

The assigned user can be removed at any time, and it is also possible to add a new user to an already created Case. You can change the assigned users on a specific Case by clicking on the "Gear icon".

You can then set up users.

You can also set access to users in bulk. In "My Name"->Settings -> Users, click on the briefcase icon for a specific colleague

and set its permissions to individual Cases.

Access mode to Cases

A special option is the access mode - you can set whether Cases are visible for users who are not added to the Case. You can choose from three options:

  1. Private, where only those assigned to the Case and application managers can see the project/file in SingleCase.

  2. Public, where everyone can see the Case in SingleCase even if they are not assigned to it (the file appears in the Office Files) or

  3. Individual, where you can select for each Case whether it is Public or Private.

You can set the access mode on the Settings -> Cases page.

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