How to delete a Client or Case?
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In SingleCase it is possible to delete already created Cases or Clients with the following logic:

You can delete all Cases with no timesheets, costs or invoices.

You can delete all Clients that have no Cases.

To delete a Client or a Case, click on the trash icon on the corresponding row in "My Name"->Overviews - Clients or "My Name"->Overviews - Case, see image below.

Why can't I still delete Client or Case?

The client may have inactive Cases under it, which you will not see in the left column. So if you don't see the trash can icon in "My Name"->Overview-Clients, visit the adjacent Cases tab, filter by client name and delete the inactive Cases as well.

A Case cannot be deleted if, in addition to those mentioned in the introduction, there are whispered statements that appear as coloured dots on the top right.

The dot are the same colour as the dot next to the Case name (in the left column) to which they belong. Click on them and select Delete. Remember also that other participants in the Case may have circles in their accounts.

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