How to edit Client, Case?
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In SingleCase, you can edit data on an already established Client or Case. You can edit both basic information (e.g. billing address) and billing details (rates, etc.)

Select the client in the left bar of Cases.

To edit, click on the gear icon on its tab.

Beware that each firm has a different workflow for working with information on a client and that it may differ from our basic description.

Select the Case on the left side. To edit a Case, click on the Gear icon on its tab.

Alternatively, you can use "My Name"->Overviews -> Clients or "My Name"->Overviews -> Cases.

Use the Pencil icon on the corresponding line.

Editing Client information

On the tab, you can edit the client information and then "Save".

Adjustment of Billing details

On the second tab you can find information related to Billing and you can edit it and "Save".

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