Automatic timesheet suggestion

SingleCase can offer timesheets based on what you're currently doing.

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We're happy to introduce a feature that we ourselves really like and use on a daily basis.

SingleCase can keep track of what you are doing on a particular project/case and design timesheets accordingly. How does it work specifically?

You complete a task, upload a document to a project/case, create a document from a template, make changes to the document. The system records all this and automatically pre-fills the details of the task without you having to record anything. At that point, you'll see the Target icon next to your name on the taskbar

Click on the icon to open a pre-populated form for entering the report - just edit the time, description and click Save.

Does the app not report to you? Maybe you have Time Measurement reporting turned on. To change it, go to "My Name"->Settings -> Reporting.

  1. In the Tracking type field, select Important actions

  2. A little further down, adjust the settings of the actions on which the suggestions will work (optional)

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