Stopwatch - how to turn it on and how it works
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In SingleCase, you can measure the time spent working on individual projects/files by using the Stopwatch, which can be found in the bar on the top right.

To turn them on, click on your name and select My Profile from the menu that pops up, then select the Other Settings tab. Then just change the Measurement Type from Significant Action to Time Measurement.

You control the Stopwatch yourself, you can pause or turn it off at any time. You can have several measurements running at the same time.

How to work with Stopwatch?

  1. Open the project/case you want to measure time on

  2. Turn on Stopwatch(PLAY icon)

  3. When the work is finished, confirm with a tick symbol

  4. Check the time (automatically rounded to the minimum reportable unit), add a description of the task and click Save

  5. After saving, a timesheet is created, which can be found in the overview on the page "My name"->My reports

How to switch the current Stopwatch to another:

  1. Click on the small arrow to the right of the pipe

  2. Click on Start new tracking

  3. Click Run. At this step, you may or may fill out the report details.

  4. The current Stopwatch is automatically paused and a new one is started.

  5. You can switch between active Stopwatches by clicking on the PLAY arrow next to each of them.

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