How to delete a Client?

How to comply with a legitimate client claim (GDPR)

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The procedure for deleting the Client and all of their personal data is as follows:

1. Select all folders and documents in the project/project/file and delete them.Click on the first project/file folder, hold Shift, click on the last one, right-click on the selection and select "Move to trash":

2. Go into the Trash of this case and empty it (this will physically delete the documents in the repository and database):

3. Delete all invoices and subsequent timesheets and expenses relating to the Client;

4. Delete all cases of the Client;

5. Delete all contacts of the Client;

6. Delete Client

Two more remarks on the subject:

  • removal from backups is neither technically possible nor required by the GDPR

  • we do not provide any confirmation except for this procedure - in principle it is not possible to prove the absence of data in the database, however, we have the process set up (see above the option to empty the trash, which we added in one of the last updates) and described in an internal document

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