How to recover an unsaved document?
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Did you edit the document but didn't save it or saved it wrong?

CAUSE: For example, you may have shut down your computer without saving the document, or the power or internet connection may have dropped out, or the editor may have crashed... So the unlock instruction to SingleCase from your computer didn't go through, and you're worried that you've lost the changes you made.

Below, you can find description of the various issues and how to fix them.

1. You can't open a document even if no one else is working on it

If you try to open a document from SingleCase, a lock symbol will appear:

In this case, you need to unlock document manually - in the document repository of the specific file, click on the document detail via the "i" icon and then on Unlock immediately:

You can then reopen the document and make sure that it contains the latest changes, or that the last edit time matches your last save.

2. The document does not contain the last changes, the time of the last modification does not correspond to your last save

Nothing is lost. Click on the SingleCase service app icon (blue square, may be hidden behind the arrow; on Mac, it's on the right side of the top bar and is gray).

If the running of SingleCase service application has not been interrupted, you'll find a record of the document you're editing in the folder, from which you can easily click through to the folder with a local copy of the document:

3. You did not find your latest version among the currently edited documents

This happens if the computer has been restarted or shut down in the meantime. The edit record is no longer available. In this case, click Open unsaved documents folder or the Folders icon next to the Cogwheel.

How to find what you're looking for in your unsaved documents folder.

You will see subfolders in the open folder, keep clicking until you click through to the document.

If you want a slightly more precise description: the document is in a folder named by the document ID, which you can find on the SingleCase page where you unlocked the document a moment ago by looking at the end of the address bar - here 1522:

If you discover more than one file in a folder, you can navigate by the Modification Date or by the 12-digit prefix that represents the time the document was opened for editing, in this example 2023-03-04 at 18:42:43:

Manual upload of a found file

Again on the page where you found the ID, select Upload new version:

Point to the tracked file and command it to be uploaded. It will then be labelled Uploaded in the VERSION section (click on the label to change it):

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